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Welcome To Advanced Chiropractic

It is probably not by accident you are here at our West Hartford Chiropractor website. As we have found the majority of our visitors are referred here. In any case, we’re glad you are here. We are a different type of chiropractic clinic, and as such, this is a different site. Let me explain…

As a West Hartford Structural Chiropractor  I am proud that Advanced Chiropractic is a Structural Corrective (SC) focused office.    Our Doctors of Chiropractic do something that is quite different from the  20 plus conventional chiropractors in West Hartford. Structural Correction(SC) method looks for something called a Structural Displacement of the spine. These structural shifts can be responsible for low back pain, headaches, sciatica and many other what I call secondary conditions or symptoms.

Please take note, as a Structural Chiropractor:

  • We DO NOT use any aggressive manipulations.
  • We DO NOT make you come in over and over again forever.
  • We DO NOT claim to cure everything.
  • We DO NOT adjust or correct you without a Structural Examination (Just like you won’t buy a house without first looking inside, we will not work on your spine until we know for sure with measurements (not guessing) what’s wrong and how to specifically address your problem)
  • We DO NOT ask you to give up any other therapy or medication
  • We DO NOT expect you to “believe” anything. (We know our patients are reasonable and can make judgements based on information that makes sense.)

What we do well…

In our practice, our goal is to detect and correct the problem and then show you how to protect the correction you have made. To do this, we will create a plan of care that is specifically customized for you and your condition. We understand that most people just want a bandage, just as we understand that there are 20 plus conventional chiropractors in this town alone whose main focus is removing symptoms. We think that’s great,but for the folks that actually want to deal with their condition once and for all, we offer our Structural Corrective services.


What next?

We offer a complimentary consultation, which is a conversation NOT a commitment. Because,  not every potential patient is right for our services. We are not the best office if you have a minor self limiting muscle strain. We are excellent at correcting abnormal structural shifts in the spine.  Call to set up your complimentary consultation which is a conversation and not a commitment.

For additional information about our West Hartford Chiropractor complimentary consultation or our group presentation called Chiropractic:101,  call 860.523.5465. 





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